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Watching My Girlfriend Fucked By Guys Is Exciting

I just saw my ex girlfriend in an amateur porn video online. Should I bring it up with her? I’m sure she might know that this amateur porn video of her floating around the internet. The guys who fucked my gf in that threesome might have posted it on the net as revenge porn without asking her – Revenge Porn

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I’ll play truth or dare with my girlfriend today to see if she has been in a orgy before. When it’s her turn for truth if will ask: had you ever be in a threesome? I think I saw a porn video where you fuck with two guys in a real orgy! Then I will examine her face really closely.

Watching My Girlfriend Fucked By Guys Is Exciting


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Amateur college students Threesome Double orgy sex
Amateur college students Threesome Double orgy sex

Tonight I’m attending an orgy for the first time with my girlfriend and her bff. Any tips or advice? Group sex has always been a fantasy of my gf and me. I’d try a threesome with a bunch of hot chicks at once. I’ll obviously wont use any protection to feel the real thing :)


Have you ever been to a sex party?  What was it like? any advice for a straight man wanting to check out that lifestyle with his girlfriend?

I’ve been to an orgy with my ex girlfriend. You know, one of these “adult party’. It was crazy and pretty fun because we were all drunk, in particular the girls lol. Me & my ex girlfriend actually got the party started. We did amateur porn videos and we took several photos to the naked girls in the other room. Other girls (friends of my girlfriend) started coming to watching and that turned all the girls on. Please don’t take a “ex girlfriend” to orgy or threesomes. Is not cool. Be sure to use viagra or cocaine and a few drinks to party all night. Be sure to watch my orgy porn movie, it’s called ‘orgy with my girlfriend’ and it’s online now on – I’m sure you’ll ask me to upload more amature porn movies!

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Watching My Girlfriend Fucked By Guys Is Exciting

Watching My Girlfriend Fucked By Guys Is Exciting

I love orgies and sex parties. Not a big thing. I think is overvalued. I came home drunk and alone after five hours or so. I was like pretty much girls pairing off and fucking in private rooms with you. I fucked my best friend’s girlfriend and a dude’s wife. We all took turns and we gave a big bukkake finish to the married couple, yea with the guy included! (no homo).

Watching My Girlfriend Fucked By Guys Is Exciting by

Watching My Girlfriend Fucked By Guys Is Exciting

by Ex.Hacked

An orgy would be great if it was me and several wom


en. I wouldn’t want to be sharing a woman with another guy. I don’t want to be going down on some woman knowing some other guy has just been all up in there. Watching My Girlfriend Fucked By Guys Is Exciting.


Not sure if I will try an orgy again. Threesomes are for young couples who want to try something new I think. It was sort of creepy having guys watch me, even creepier that the guys wife was watching me and another guys fucking their females. Watching My Girlfriend Fucked By Guys Is Exciting.

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Amateur college students Threesome Double orgy sex
Amateur college students Threesome Double orgy sex
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Groupsex XXX Movies: College Orgy, Amateur Threesome by ex Hacked

Any good advice for a guy wanting to fuck his girlfriend with his ex girlfriend at the same time? (orgy, threesome). Group sex with your gf It’s like a really bad ass roller coaster! Too much bullshit and drugs, viagra and drinks. I have thought about 3somes all my life but I think is a good idea. Eventually someones forget to use a condom and your girlfriend gets pregnant by a random guy. Watching My Girlfriend Fucked By Guys Is Exciting. Download free swinger group sex clips homemade and amateur gangbang movies from

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Revenge Porn Videos & Sex Movies? Yes. I had mine with my ex gf. She took me there. Every single jerk from my collage was circling my gf pussy like like a pack of wolves. Foaming out the mouth and did not want a part of gang. So they just fucked my girlfriend many times. She loved it. I mean anal, blowjob, titty-job, double anal, pussy cum filled several times, etc. I just went and played with angry birds until she was ready. Feel free to watch my amateur orgy homemade video and comment. I don’t give a shit. It’s revenge porn? Maybe.

I’ve been to several orgies and threesomes. Very positive experiences. A weirdo fucked my girlfriend and it seems she loved it. I’ve noticed most of the people in the orgy were very excited about fucking my gf. You don’t have to participate if u don’t want. You can watch or make good amateur thresome videos and porn orgy pics!

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